Native Android Client


Download the OneBusAway app using the Android Marketplace app on your phone

OneBusAway has an official Android client. The app formerly known as SeattleBusBot is a native Android client for OneBusAway. You can find the app by searching for "OneBusAway" in the Android Marketplace.

Features Include:

  • Real-time arrival and departure information for public transit
  • Map display of stops and routes
  • Nearby stops search for location-aware devices
  • Bookmarks and recent stop history
  • Search for stops by route, address, and stop number

SeattleBusBot was written by local Seattle developer Paul Watts. The app combines a lot of the same features found in the OneBusAway native iPhone app, but has some new bells and whistles too, such as bus arrival alarms and route bookmarking. And just like OneBusAway, the app is open source too.